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Tanssikoulu KMDance in short

Tanssikoulu KMDance is a new dance school located in Bemböle, Espoo. We offer a variety of dance classes for children, teens and adults in a fun and supportive environment.  In addition to our weekly classes we have two intensive and three competitive groups.


Whether for fun and fitness or to develop technique and skills, we provide a full timetable of classes offering something for everyone. To find out more about our classes and the different styles, please visit our weekly schedule. To apply for the Tanssikoulu KMDance, simply complete our online form.


The season consists of 16 lessons. In case the class is cancelled by the dance school, it will be held at the end of the season. In case the student cannot make it to the class they can make up the missed class with another equivalent level class from the weekly schedule. 


Prices and payment methods


Below you can see the prices for the dance classes. You can find more prices and information about the discounts here.

Tunnit 30min 45min  60min
1 krt/vk 160 € 180 € 195 €
2krt/vk +144 € +162 € +176 €
3krt/vk +136 € +153 € +166 €
+136 €
+153 €
 +166 €


The payment should be paid primarily at our online store at Please contact us in case you have any questions regarding the online store. 


In case you prefer to pay via an invoice or pay in parts, please request this method from the office by email. If you choose the invoice option, there is an invoicing fee of 5 euros per invoice. If you choose to pay in parts, the payment will be divided into three parts. All invoices are sent via email from Holvi to the email address provided on the enrolment form.


We do accept Smartum and ePass as payment methods. In case you choose to pay the whole or part of your payment with this method please contact the office.


Kindly note that all invoices should be paid on time. After the due date the invoice will be automatically sent for the collection agency.


In case you have any questions about the classes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.


Contact information:


Phone: 044 0592790

Address: Fallåker 1 C, 02740 Espoo


Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @kmdancefinland